Our fitness center's operating plan for a safe gym-community


With co-operation, we can create a safe gym-environment

Every Ole.fit center is open and our services are available to you partly with the aid of special arrangements. Because moving our customers is our number one priority, we have added to our list of services and also improved on our existing services to make them even better. With this operating plan, we are doing everything in our power to make training in our centers safe, and in addition to this, our services also include online-training, so you have the option to excercise at home or any other residence!

We at Ole.fit are following closely to guidelines given by the government and health officials, and also regional changes in the corona-situation. We are doing everything we can so that you can continue to excercise safely and efficiently even in today's climate. Sources for our operating plan are www.thl.fi and www.valtioneuvosto.fi

At the end of this bulletin, there are two credible studies by large organizations. International studies show that the gym is a very safe environment, but we ask for your co-operation, so please read this! We update this information as the guidelines change.

Remember these:

1. Do not come to the gym, if you have symptoms of flu.

2. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap when you enter the gym and when you leave. Also use the hand sanitizer available at the gym. Avoid touching your face.

3. Cough and sneeze the right way. Cough into your sleeve or collar, not into your hands. If you use a tissue, throw it away immediately after use and wash your hands.

4. Keep a safety distance to other people. Use a face mask in situations where it is not possible to keep a distance. For example, in waiting- and dressing-areas during busy times.

5. Wipe the machines and equipment after use with disinfectant.

6. You can use your own excercise mat, gloves, face mask or other things to ensure good hygiene. Remember to also clean them after use.

7. As a parent, make sure that children only come to the play-area completely healthy. The children's hands must be washed thoroughly before and after attending the play-area.

8. Always follow the current guidelines made by authorities.

Our operating plan and instructions for our customers

Co-operation is key to a safe gym-environment, and with it we are ensuring that our home-gyms stay free of corona-virus.

Our fitness centers follow an improved cleaning plan, but we also hope that our customers do their best to ensure a safe gym-community. In these times, we need the input of all of our customers.

1. Improved cleaning

Our fitness centers follow an improved cleaning plan, in which the regular disinfecting of surfaces is among the priorities. Machines, equipment, door handles and other regularly touched surfaces are disinfected daily by our staff. Every customer also wipes the machines and equipment after use, so we can ensure a good level of hygiene. Paper and disinfectant in spray bottles are available at the gym for this purpose. In group excercise, equipment is used with caution, and only the equipment that can be easily cleaned before next use. In addition, we have taken into trial a new disinfecting product, Zep Minifog, that allows for the surfaces and air to be disinfected efficiently and quickly. During trial, this product is used every two weeks in group excercise rooms and every four weeks in other spaces. The use of this product does not minimize the disinfecting of surfaces included in our cleaning plan, or the cleaning of machines and equipment done by customers. The products use will be increased if the situation calls for it.

2. Safety distances

Our facilities are spacious and we have taken into account safety distances in machine placement. Because of this, following the safety guidelines while training is more than easy. Please be cautious of your own, and others, need of space during training. If possible, you can schedule your training at the quietest times using our traffic light-model. Usually the busiest hours are 10-12 and 17-19. In group excercise, safety distances have been taken into account by limiting the number of occupants by the space in use and the nature of the class. The group excercise room is also equiped with stickers, that show every occupants own training area and make keeping a safety distance easy. We recommend that you use a face mask in situations where keeping a safety distance is not possible, for example waiting- and dressing-areas during busy times.

3. Online-training

Regular excercise keeps up immunity and keeps our mind sharp. So that excercise wouldn't end even in quarantine or when following special caution, we provide our customers the opportunity for online-training to support your wellness in any situation. In addition to live-excercise, a wide array of live-streamed classes are available to you. Classes are streamed through Helt-application, which runs on computers as well as mobile devices. You will also need a functioning internet-connection. For more information, please contact our staff. Read more about online-training here.

4. The customer's responsibility

Of course we also provide our customers with a little bit of responsibility. We remind about these things regularly in our centers. The most important thing to remember is to never come to the gym if you are feeling at all sick. Not in today's climate or otherwise. Excercising with a flu is always a health risk. You may only come to the gym completely healthy, whether it was corona-virus or a normal seasonal flu. If you have symptoms of flu, make an assessment online at OmaOlo -service. If your symptoms suggest corona-virus, make an appointment for the test in the same service. Always follow intructions given to you by healthcare professionals.

5. Our staff protects themselves for your safety

Because we want to ensure with our own actions that we are doing everything we can for a safe and continues training, our staff wears a face mask for their own wellness and yours. Customer service, Personal Trainers, massagist and physiotherapists will use a mask in service- and training situations.

Your health is important to us

Regular excercise improves immunity, prevents musculoskeletal system diseases, eases the effects of type two diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, and perhaps most importantly: in addition to physical health, excercise improves our mental health, which we all need in a difficult global situation.

Let's keep ourselves healthy, safe and active now and in the future!

Welcome to Ole.fit

Bulletin and information updated 25.2.2021

Here's a link to the report we have given to Aluehallintovirasto (in finnish)


Here is a summary of information gathered from various sources about the Covid-19 virus in the fitness world:

Source IHRSA & MXM / Where is the corona?














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